Blog on Blogging



It’s a form of procrastination. I know it, but seem unable to do anything about it. It involves doing everything imaginable around the periphery of a task, whilst avoiding the task itself. For me, one manifestation of this is writing blog posts. I’ll get an idea, fail to devote the time to developing it, and shelve it until it’s irrelevant. When it comes to devoting time to the peripheral activities, I’ll jump at it. Evaluating a new blog engine, messing with the skins, checking out hosting services - it seems I’m willing to put a lot of time and effort into these unimportant activities - and all for 2 neglected blogs. One is all about Flight Simulator, and hasn’t been updated since July 2009 ( and the other, this very blog hasn’t had an update since 2006 - and even then it only had 5 posts.

So, despite the fact I don’t really do new years resolutions, I like to think I continually improve. This year, I must devote more time to writing. I do believe it to be a form of investment in my career. The trouble is procrastinators don’t make good investors.

UPDATE: The 2 blogs mentioned have been merged into this one