General update (and the FSX mini-controller project)



Well, it’s been a long time. An update is in order. Since my last post…

  • I haven’t done much flying in FSX
  • I’ve nevertheless developed an obsession with reading about all aspects of flying (and then not putting it into practice)
  • I’m struggling not to buy any old tat related to aviation on ebay (I have a weakness for charts and navigation stuff – a CRP-1 or similar is constantly on my watch list)
  • I started sketching out designs in January for a small controller which would make flight simming easier and a little more realistic – without getting into the whole obsessive cockpit building thing
  • This week I restarted the controller project (I admit I’m not a great ‘Completer-Finisher’). The basic construction was already complete (a small box with some holes and slots cut in), and I’d figured out the nitty gritty of interfacing with FSX using C# and SimConnect, and had basically finalised the design. All the interesting stuff was done. All that was left was the boring stuff getting it all soldered together. Well, the soldering has commenced (lots of diodes for the rotary encoders and switches). I’ll got some pics posted soon.
  • I also mean to post some pics (very overdue), and maybe a video of my headtracking rig using a WiiMote, coathanger and glue gun!